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Renée Blanchette Rutledge    ARCT, MYCC

From a young age I was always drawn to music, but actually went to school for photography and worked in childcare for many years, there was always something though that kept drawing me back to music. I have now been teaching piano lessons for more than 20 years. By 2013 I decided to go all in and focus all my entrepreneurial energy into building a music studio - I had found my passion. What I love about teaching music is that you are not only cultivating a love for music but you are building relationships that have the potential to last for years. There have also been studies proving the learning of a musical instrument dramatically increases the student's overall learning ability. The younger the student begins, the better.


By 2013 I had been the sole teacher providing private and group lessons from my home. I began brainstorming ways to grow my business. I decided to hire one of my students to assist me with teaching, and then another and another until we outgrew my home studio. For two years my husband and I looked for the right property. I wanted to be home with my children with the studio close by but having its own space. A week before COVID-19 hit in 2020 we moved to our current residence and future home of Renée's Music Studio. COVID-19 has provided many challenges but in some ways it has also been a blessing to us, by giving us the opportunity to work on the new studio construction. 


In October 2020 we opened the doors for in person lessons. After teaching online for so long it was wonderful to see our students return in person and welcome them to Phase 1 of our new studio.  We offer private lessons in drums, guitar, ukulele, voice, piano, and violin and group lessons with Music Pups for infants and toddlers and Music for Young Children starting at age 2.


During COVID-19's next lockdown from Christmas 2020 on into the New Year my husband and I implemented Phase 2 of my dream here at our studio - Renée's Music Store! We are slowly bringing in products for our students and local musicians such as instruments, accessories and giftware. I have always loved decorating and I'm excited to provide all things music - and more! 


Learning something new is never a waste. Looking back I can see how my training in other fields such as photography and childcare helped me with my current pursuits.


With the love and support of my family and driven by my passion for music I look with great anticipation to the future.  Stay tuned for more from Renee's Music Studio and Store. SDG



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