Aromatheraphy Oh Natural Baby!

All natural, handmade products using essential oils. Some products we make are sanitizers, body butters, bath blends and air fresheners. 

Tired of using chemicals on my children for all of their needs, I started making my own products using essential oils. Deciding to learn more, create blends the safe way, I returned to school and became a certified clinical aromatherapist. Now I help mamas help their babies (and themselves!) compliment their daily regimes with natural, chemical-free or significantly chemically reduced products.

I’m not aggressive with my sales and only mention my business if someone mentions something where I feel I can help. My top priority is for my customers to be happy. I’ve remade blends at a lesser percentage of essential oils, I’ve created complimentary products to help the original product I’ve made, and I’ve changed recipes completely to ensure satisfaction. I want my customers to be wowed by my products and if they aren’t, I fix that!

I infuse some of my oils with seasonal herbs (eg: dandelion) and make specials for that. I also do private consultations where blends are made-to-order and specific to my clients’ needs.


Phone: 647-678-2752

Contact: Melanie Gagnon
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