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Ruscom Maple Products is your ultimate place in your search for maple sweet productions. Serving Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality maple products, all produced in Essex County. We specialize in the production of maple butter, and we also produce 100%-pure maple syrup, as well as other maple-derived products that will blow you away. We encourage you to contact us and request more information, and we will be happy to serve you wherever you are. We are able to prepare gift packages for all occasions, comprising a mixture of all pure maple products. Please continue to browse through our site, or simply contact us somehow to customize our service and tailor it to your particular needs. You will also find out where you can currently find our fine products for sale
Our Farms
Maple sap is totally collected by bucket and boiled over a steaming fire, creating the delicious syrup leading to all their maple products, which are all made with only 100% pure maple syrup and with no added ingredients.. The owners of this small Ruscom hobby farm are French-Canadian, continuing the traditions of their family members from Quebec and New Brunswick. Their maple sap is totally collected by bucket and boiled over a steaming fire, creating the delicious syrup leading to all their maple products, which are all made with only 100% pure maple syrup and with no added ingredients. They strongly believe in the conservation and the re-forestation of Essex County. As such, they have planted over 3,000 trees in 4 years. They also believe in the "support your local farmer and the "buy local" movements.
We are members of the OMSPA (Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association)

We start in winter having fun with our great maple trees, extracting their succulent sap and boiling it as needed to produce magic. It all starts by tapping our friendly trees so that we can collect the sap. After that, the evaporator will take care of the boiling, and we will oversee the process to yield a great non-crystallizable and non-watery maple syrup. And from there we can proceed to the rest of our magic tricks.
Whether it may be a high-class maple syrup, or the one-of-the-kind maple butter, or even the sweeteners and the candies. You will be certain that what you will be putting on your table is totally natural, and made by people who know very well what they do. Ruscom Maple Products are inexpensive and certainly of great quality and they don't come with any underlying 'tricks' to make them look natural. They're simply natural!

Our maple trees are irrigated by a slow-moving mass of water, the Ruscom River. No wonder their dripping sap is always so promising and so abundant.
We are also the most southern sugarshack in all of Canada!
Hours of Operation?

By appointment only by calling or texting

We are the only producer/packer of pure maple syrup in Essex County
Maple syrup has a lower score on the glycemic index.
Unlike refined sugar and other refined carbohydrates that get metabolized quickly, developing the infamous sugar high, and also raising the insulin levels and risking your body to gain weight and become diabetic, maple syrup has a lower glycemic index (GI), which means that it does not raise blood sugar to high levels.
Diabetes Canada recommends choosing lower GI foods and drinks more often to help control blood sugar.
Maple syrup promotes skin health.
Contributes to lower skin inflammation, redness, blemishes and dryness.
Nothing beats a good skin hydration and freshness with a mix of maple syrup, yogurt, rolled oats and honey.
Maple syrup helps your body to fight against inflammatory diseases.
Because it contains polyphenol antioxidants, making it reasonable to be considered as part of any healthy diet looking to prevent arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease or even heart disease.
Maple syrup may protect against cancer.
Again, its antioxidants play an important role here, protecting DNA cells from damage and mutations.
A great supplement of vitamins and minerals.
It contains zinc, calcium, potassium and manganese, important minerals for the body to improve immunity, strengthen our bones and metabolize the fat at the carbohydrates.
Contributes to a better digestion when used as a sweetener.
The uncomfortable digestive disorders provoked by refined sugar and most artificial sweeteners can be prevented with maple syrup as the alternative choice, which will help keep the digestive tract free from chemicals, gas and in a much healthier shape.
Furthermore, even many calorie-free artificial sweeteners are linked to problems like weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, learning problems, and more. And maple syrup is not linked to any of those problems, improving overall wellness and satisfaction.
Contains many antioxidants.
Up to 24 different antioxidants, helping reduce free radical damage, and thus helping to prevent the setup of chronic diseases.
Maple syrup seems to enhance the effect of some antibiotics in the body.
Some studies have shown an increase of the antimicrobial effects of some antibiotics by 90% when the person had taken the extract from maple syrup during the treatment


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