Valkyrie Canada Inc

How would you describe your business?


We are a start-up company that’s created a platform to help auto dealerships integrate professional financial advisory into their sales process. Our goal is to elevate the experience for customers at dealerships so that they walk away with confidence and are in a more responsible financial position in respect to their cash flow and debt ratios.

What is the history of your business?


We started in 2020 in Alberta where we lived at the time. We started a Western Division there that we still run through WEM Toyota and their associated partner dealerships. In 2022, we moved to Belle River and started our new Eastern Division through the Lally Auto Group, and what will be our central HUB as we continue to expand.

Describe your staff and the customer service you provide?


Our staff are the first to be jointly trained and licensed in personal finance and in the auto sales world.
We offer a process unlike any other where a clients’/customers’ financial wellness is considered as the primary focus while finding a vehicle that suits their lifestyle and goals.
Currently, we are mainly receiving our ‘leads’ through other financial professionals (mtg brokers, financial advisors) as we work together to help their clients achieve the goals they have with them. Our next step is to focus strongly in our local markets and integrate our services into our community as well as create other business connections to see how we can help.

Is there anything that your business does or contributes to in the community?


Not currently as we are new. Becoming a big part of helping to support and promote our community is a strong value for us, which is why the BIA seems like a strong fit.

Hours of Operation?


7 days/week, 9am-8pm (typical)



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Phone: 7788464805

671 Ross Beach
Belle River Ontario N0R 1A0
Contact: Jamie Crawford
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