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Welcome to my Story

Lets get started by first letting you know a little bit about me, first I was born in 1972 and live in Belle River Ont. Canada. I used to work full time as a designer for a sign company but left to pursue my full time love for tattooing. It appears I have always seemed to love to create.

I did my first tattoo when I was only 17 years old on myself back in 1989. One day I skipped out of school and was pretty bored, a friend of mine who had recently had a friend of his do this tattoo on him told me how to do a homemade tattoo.

Listen to how crude this was, first I took a sewing needle from my moms sewing kit, then a little bit of thread and some pen ink. I wrapped the thread around the end of the needle down at the sharp end just above the tip about a 1/16" of an inch then I dipped the needle into the ink and started to poke my skin with this needle and man what a shitty job I did. I gotta tell ya it was bad, but for a while I thought I was king shit cause I figured out how to tattoo myself.

So time went by and I had started to tattoo others this way, let me tell you not a wise idea, leave it to professionals, I spent awhile later on fixing all those tattoo's.

So I went off to to work for a little while after finishing high school and ran into a guy in 1991 that I didn't really know from high school but I knew of him. He walked right up to me and I gotta tell ya I was shitting a gold brick cause I thought he wanted to kill me. Turns out he wanted me to tattoo him....

Hmmmmmmmmm I didn't really like the ones I was doin and he wanted me to scar him up... Sounds like a suicide mission I thought and I better think of something good to tell him, my answer was "no I don't do tattoo's anymore...." his answer was "yes you do".... I said "I don't have a tattoo gun"..... " he said better get one then"...

So I made a home made tattoo machine, - guitar string, spoon, shaver motor, mechanical pencil, pen ink, and a beer cap, sounds good doesn't it.

So here goes, I do this guy's tattoo and down he goes after 5 minutes tattooing him, but lets take a minute and remember that he's getting tattooed with, something that could break up concrete. So I finish his up and I looks ...Ehhhhhhhhh not tooooo bad, I guess, but I still wasn't impressed; But he thought it was cool. So he told a few friends and they started to show up.

So is this where I got my start? Ya I would probably have to say so. But I didn't walk right into what it is now.....

School started up for me......College.... No time to tattoo or even breathe , so I took a 3 year break.. Long enuff to forget everything I new already, which helped.

So I moved back from toronto and I thought it was over for tattooing for me but this wasn't the case. People still asking me to tattoo them. I worked with one guy at this gas station back in 1995 and he was determined I was gonna tattoo him. I even told him "buddy...look, I suck at it". He said "that's not what I heard, why what's the problem" . I told him "I didn't have the proper equipment to do the quality work I see in magazines".

So he made me a deal I couldn't refuse, cause lets face I could get paid to do something I really love, art finally ----and I get paid to hurt people :).

He wanted tattoo work and I get to keep the equipment when he's finished getting tattooed. I still didn't like the quality of work but I was getting better, so I quit my job pumping gas and took a position at a local tattoo shop, "tattoos and things", and got some pointers from the 2 artists there Aron Mackenzie and Darren Trudell.

It wasn't my scene being there though, I mean I was quiet guy and these guys were pretty hard partiers. So I quit there after 4 months and took a minimum wage paying job again building signs. Not bad cause I needed to get away from tattooing full time for awhile cause I was putting in 12-14 hr days tattooing 6 days week sometimes.

After 3 months of being a sign maker I quit and went back to tattooing full time at another shop, "A1 tattoo". This time a little more what I was looking for in a shop. But as time went on I found what I was longing for was to do it my way. A comfortable private setting where it was just me and the client 1 on 1 , no interruptions.

So I took it upon myself to create my own perfect tattoo environment back in 1996 . A place where my clients would feel just as comfortable as sitting in there own living room to have a tattoo done.

It hasn't been easy . But you know........... I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world....

So come out and see for yourself :)


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