Wine Works
Craft your own custom wine and bottle it here on premise at Wine Works, in Belle River!

Wine Works is a niche and cozy shop located just off main street, in Belle River. They make it their priority to help clients craft unique quality wines in a cost effective way. The wine-making experience is enjoyable, and a fun destination for a trip out of the house!

 Wine Works will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary in April. They're shop is located at 601 Centre Street; right next to Outfield Diner. 

Lou Anne, the owner of Wine Works, helps each client create their own personalized and individualized wine to their liking and price-point. She makes it a priority to ensure you receive the taste that your palette desires. Wine Works has a variety of wine that you can create from; tantalizing reds to exciting whites, subtle fruity flavours to dry, easy-drinking to full-bodied, international to domestic, economical to premium with deeper colours, chewy tannins, and complex aromas. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own wine but are overwhelmed, it’s not a problem! Lou Anne assists you in finding that perfect wine and guides you along with the bottling experience. If you can’t find the right blend, Wine Works will help you customize a batch! Their wine has less preservatives than commercially produced wines, making your wine more natural and organic. Wine Works is for all wine lovers; from the experienced wine drinkers to those venturing to create their own wine for their first time.

 The experience at Wine Works is like no other. You start with a consultation to select your wine from their wide variety. The fermentation, production, and quality process takes 4,5,6, or 8 weeks depending upon your selection. Once this process is done, you can come in and either bottle or bag your wine. If you want to have some variety in your cellar, you and your friends can order different batches and exchange bottles. Having a selection of wine on hand available to pair with any meal you're preparing, is appreciated by their customers.  Wine Works also sells a variety of gift items! They have a selection of wine glasses, easy tote wine bags (perfect for travelling), charcuterie boards, home decor, and supplies for hosting a memorable wine night. 

 Wine Works has created new guidelines to help follow the Covid-19 policy. They are allowing 1 bottling team of 2 in at a time. Everything is consistently sanitized and cleaned afterwards before the next team is allowed in. Customers are notified when their wine is ready to bottle and must book an appointment to reserve their bottling time.

  Wine Works is excited to announce their new Instagram page (@wineworks101)! Their quirky, and fun posts on Facebook and Instagram showcase behind the scenes of what is going on in store, new blends and flavours, recipes for wine and cocktails, and the lifestyle of wine lovers. 

  Stop in, or call if you have any questions or would like to talk about making a batch 519(728-9463). Lakeshore has a very unique wine store in their community, so feel free to check it out yourself. Also, with their refer a friend program, you and your friend will both receive $10 off your next purchase! Tune in for upcoming events, like "Girl's Nights Out", posted on Wine Works social media soon! 

 Wine Works is opened from Tuesdays through Fridays form 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. If these hours do not work for you, custom bottling times are available by request. You can also check out their website:

Instagram: @wineworks101

Facebook:  @wineworks101


Phone: 519-728-9463

578 Notre Dame Street
Belle River Ontario N0R 1A0
Contact: Lou Anne
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11am - 5pm
11am - 5pm
11am- 5pm
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