Message from the Mayor May 3, 2020

Hi Tom Bain, here, Mayor of the Town of Lakeshore. I certainly want to express what a great job our local BIA is doing through this pandemic. Our small businesses are so important to the economy, and we as residents need to support them during these tough times. Many residents have been participating in the takeout Tuesday promotion that is happening in Windsor-Essex. We should also be connecting with these local businesses, giving them our support, and purchasing from them. By doing this we are really in effect, not only supporting our municipality, we are helping to boost the economy for the entire area, and in turn we are helping to create new jobs and new opportunities. This is important when we look at those levels of unemployment in the area, especially when we look at our youth coming up into the workforce looking for job experience. When we look at economic conditions as result from the Covid-19 pandemic, we more importantly need to work together with our BIA to ensure those job opportunities are there. There has been a great deal of pressure as our small businesses try to cope through this pandemic. Thankfully the curve is beginning to flatten and now more than ever we need to work together as a team to stay strong. As our businesses are allowed to do take out, allowed to open their doors in a limited way we need to be there to purchase from them to support their business. We will beat this pandemic but it’s going to take time and teamwork. We need to be patient as it is a stressful time, our businesses certainly have suffered and will continue to do so. We as residents can be there to support them, and we can be there to help put them back on their feet. This Covid-19 pandemic will eventually run its course and our economy will be back on its feet. It will be a slow process, but we will eventually see our economy return to it’s past levels and maybe even stronger.  I encourage you once again to support our local businesses to keep them strong.

Thank you,

Mayor Tom Bain

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