Act like your life and your loved ones' lives depend on what you do, because it does.


Blair Speaks about Covid-19


  • March 14, 2020

So, yeah, I used to be a real-live microbiologist who pipetted live virus stocks into cell culture in a hood and worked with radioactive isotopes and everything. Won't go into it here. That's one of my pictures of a cell-mash that I took through a laser microscope. Pretty. ———->

Pretty viruses infecting cells.

Okay, so let's talk about Covid-19, this piece of crap virus that's hitting the whole world in a pandemic right now.

I'm sorry that I didn't write before. Everything has been so awful. I will try to tell you what I know for sure.

First, just general advice.

If you're not sick already, please, for the love of God and all that is holy, stay home. Stay isolated. Stay in for as long as you can.

Every additional day that you can stay in your own place and not get infected is an additional day that the medical people can deal with the pandemic before you become a part of it.

If you can stay in for a week before you go out and get groceries, good. If you can stretch that to 10 or 12 days, better. If you can go for a month, even better.

If you can keep yourself well for a month or two, you might be treated with drugs instead of getting really sick. If you can go longer, there's a chance for a vaccine.

If you get sick now, things might go badly. (See below.) 

My husband works for Pfizer. There's a lot going on behind the scenes. The pharmaceutical companies are working on treatments and vaccines. The Cleveland Clinic developed a new, better test for Covid-19 in 9 days. Everyone is working on Covid-19 right now. 

Also, this virus is obviously airborne. It's not just on surfaces. It's obviously floating in the air and transmitted by aerosolized droplet spread. I mean, duh. Of course, it is.

If you have to go out:

Decontaminate as soon as you get home. Wash your hands with good soap for a few minutes as a quick stopgap. Gargle with Listerine or something else “antiseptic” until you think you're going to drown. Throw your clothes directly into the washing machine with a lot of detergent. And then get into a shower and soap everything and wash your hair. 

Yes, really. That's minimal decon.

It might help. It might keep you from getting it once or twice. Do no use this instead of trying to isolate yourself. Isolation will actually work.

What does this virus do?

There is some bad, bad information out there that Covid-19 disease is “a bad flu.”

Sweet Baby Jesus's tiny toes, that is wrong.

This virus should be called something like the “Ground Glass Fills Up Your Lungs Pneumonia Virus.”

Literally, that's what it looks like on an X-ray. It looks like your lungs are full of ground glass, and it feels like that when you're trying to breathe, too.

One of the major problems is that it starts slowly for 3 days or so. It's a little tickle, a mild fever, if that. Sometimes, it's nothing. And for 3 days, you walk around spewing virus and don't even know it. And there are people around you spewing virus who don't know they're sick yet. That's the real terror of this virus, the “prodromal” phase. 

When you get the Flu, it slams into you like a ton of bricks. In 15 minutes, you know you're sick. Covid-19 is different. It creeps up on you. 

And then after 3 days, you get sick. Desperately sick.

When people say a “mild case” of Covid-19 disease, they mean that you don't require hospitalization or else you will die. You're still going to be sick as hell, in bed, gasping for breath and trying to breathe through ground glass for 2 weeks. You may think that you are going to barf up your lungs. It's a very bad disease.

Another piece of terrible information out there is that in the first few days of illness, when the virus is replicating in your throat, that you can magically “wash it away” with water or vinegar or something. Wrong. Oh, so wrong. Once it's got a foothold and infects a few cells, that battle is lost. The only thing you can do is try not to infect others. If they get sick, they'll be competing for your hospital bed when you are close to dying. Keep away from everybody and try to get through it without infecting anyone else.

Now, why did I say Listerine up there? Because if you can kill the virus before it infects you, then you might have a chance. Once it's established an infection, then it's just virus v. immune system, and you have to try to get well.

I'm sorry about scaring you. I'm scared as hell. I mean, I've worked with HIV, a chickenpox virus that you can get again that had killed 5 people, and an emerging virus that killed a bunch of people in the Southwestern US. I was the kind of microbiologist who would have drunk samples to see what happened. And this sucker scares me.

Okay, so what else?

Act like your life and your loved ones' lives depend on what you do, because it does.

1. Stay inside. Stay inside. Stay inside.

2. Stay away from other people.

3. Cancel all concerts, vacations, plays, plane flights, organizations, clubs, church meetings, Sunday services, school, work, restaurants, take-out, lunch dates, dinner dates, golf league, and going out.

4. If you're a boss or an employer, close your place of business unless it's a pharmacy or a grocery store, and then continue to pay your people while it's closed. I have 5 people whom I will be continuing to pay during this time, no matter what. I get it. It's going to hurt a little, but it will keep those people safe.

5. Get your kids' school to close. If they don't, first just keep the kids home, and then pull them out of school if you have to, if all their absences are used up. It's drastic. Yes, it is. I homeschooled my kid for 2.5 years, and I was relieved when my kid's school closed Friday so that I didn't have to do that again. Call the principal. Call the secretary. Scream at them. Yes, I am hereby giving you permission to frickin' scream at them to close the school. In the 1918 Flu pandemic, places where the schools closed proactively, before the flu hit, had much lower death rates than places that hemmed and hawed about it. Links at the bottom.

6. Don't leave your house.

7. Don't buy fresh produce or bakery items that were made by hand, even if wrapped in plastic. Sorry. The virus is obviously aerosolized. It will settle on anything. 

8. Starting now, you will probably want to spray the outsides packages of your groceries with bleach spray (not on the carpet or couch! It's bleach!) and wipe them down. You can make 1% bleach spray in an old spray bottle with 1 part bleach to 99 parts water. Obviously, don't spray this directly on food. Just on the plastic packages. Again, this is bleach. Do not eat or drink the bleach.

9. Stock up on food, medicines, vitamins, and pet food and supplies. Sorry about this email being a little late for that.

10. Do not go visit elderly relatives. OMG. Seriously. If you need to give them food, drop it and run while you're healthy. If they need supplies, shop now while you're healthy. And wipe it off with bleach.

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