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Atlas Tube Centre Recreation Master Plan

Atlas Tube Centre Recreation Master Plan - It's time to talk!



The Town of Lakeshore is embarking on an exciting new project within the community Lakeshore. The purposed project is to develop a master plan that will help to establish the Atlas Tube Centre and associated open space park as a premiere regional destination in Southern Ontario. The park is located at the site of the new 200,000 sq. ft. Atlas Tube Centre Multi-Use Recreational Facility. Indoor facilities include, ice pads, indoor track, library, gymnasium and aquatic complex. The open parkland surrounding the facility currently includes soccer fields, a 5km paved walking trail, splash pad, basketball courts and tennis / pickleball multi-use courts. The result of this project will be a new and inspiring vision for this Regional Recreation Centre that will promote recreation tourism in Lakeshore and ensure all user groups are accounted for. 

Great - Now What?

The first step of the process is to engage residents, businesses, and key stakeholders in a respectful manner; introduce the project to get an understanding of what stakeholders envision for the park; and to generate and encourage positive and meaningful input. Over the coming months, we will be sharing information and details about the engagement process, project timelines and the vision for the park.

As a stakeholder, we encourage your participation in the conversation about the ATC Recreation Master Plan project. We are committed to establishing transparent and open communications throughout this process and look forward to connecting with you as this project gets underway.

How can I participate?

Public Open House was held on the evening of September 26, 2019 from 4-7pm, in the lobby of the Atlas Tube Centre. The goal of the open house was to engage the community and stakeholders on a vision for the ATC Recreation Centre. Community members were asked to provide insight into the current conditions of the park, its uses, and what currently works and what doesn’t work. The next steps will be to develop two conceptual plans illustrating potential park programming will be presented at the open house to obtain feedback on what changes and/or additional features the community would like to see made through the design process and how those changes would integrate with the surrounding community. 

A survey/poll is also available on the main page. Be sure to take a few minutes and tell us your thoughts!

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