Platinum Surrogacy; Mentoring Program of Canada

Surrogacy and Third Party Reproduction Support and Mentoring Program

Platinum Surrogacy is a family run, full service, Surrogacy Agency. We guide Surrogates and Intended Parents through third party reproduction with support, guidance in connecting with industry professionals, managing finances and helping both sides with every detail along the way.

Platinum was founded in 2019, after years of experience in the Surrogacy Community. We wanted to get away from the commercial feel of surrogacy and specialize and focus on intimate details and family values.

We are two sisters that teamed up to harness our differences. Our CEO, Jackie, has carried 8 Surrogate babies around the globe, including two sets of twins and has been working in the Surrogacy community for over a decade. Jessica, our CFO, is former military and current correctional Officer that has an amazing talent for all things having to do with money. She handles all of Platinum's finances and assures our clients are reimbursed quickly and correctly. Our children actively work in administration to keep files organized and answer phone calls and emails. We are a family helping build other families.

We work with local fertility clinics ( Windsor and surrounding areas ) and help local Surrogates and Intended Parents, but we also work right across Canada and across the Globe. We make sure no local Surrogate is ever without our support!

We are in the process of relaunching our Website, and regularly use Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram to capture all the beautiful moments of individual journies. We share our family values and our Surrogacy Family community.

Far too many people struggle with infertility to have their families. Far too many suffer miscarriage after miscarriage, or live in countries that ban adoption for same sex couples. There is a way to help, but making the decision to help a couple become a family through Surrogacy can be scary! We understand the fears and help make the process easy and memorable. The moment we are able to hand a baby to a new mother or father that has tried to have that baby for years, is a moment that changes your heart forever. There simply is no greater gift. We create miracles and make Surrogacy a family affair.


Phone: 519-222-9497

303 Lambert Court
Belle River Ontario N0R 1A0
Contact: Jessica or Jackie
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